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PAYE Anytime - What is it?

PAYE Anytime is the Revenues On-Line Service for employees. The service offers PAYE tax payers a secure way to manage their tax affairs online. PAYE Anytime is a self-assessment system, so employees are responsible for the information they provide.

You can register for PAYE Anytime by going to revenue.ie or by clicking on the below link.


Fill in your personal details and a Revenue Pin will be posted to you.

What can you do on PAYE Anytime

  • View your tax records
  • You can claim a broad range of tax credits
  • You can use your profile to update your personal details; revenue can then use this information to suggest additional tax credits you may be entitled to
  • You can claim a repayment for items such as health expenses (all receipts should be kept for a six year period)
  • Request a P21 balancing statement (end of year review) for any of the last four years
  • You can enter your bank account details so any refund due to you can be deposited directly to your bank account (revenue will not deduct money from your account if you have a tax liability)
  • You can also declare additional income earned such as B.I.K’s and dividends
  • If you are jointly accessed you can reallocate some of your tax credits or standard rate band between you and your spouse
  • If you have multiple incomes, you can reallocate your tax credits or standard rate band between your incomes

You don’t have to submit a paper claim when you submit transactions through PAYE Anytime. The service cannot be used by employees who file a Form 11 or a Form 12 tax return to revenue on an annual basis.

PAYE Anytime now allows you to view your tax records from any computer or smartphone.