About Us


UniJobs is a standalone staffing agency that provides the public sector with a cost-effective, shared workforce service.

UniJobs was established to provide the public sector with a cost-effective, shared workforce service. We engage staff at all levels, from entry administration to professional skilled positions. We provide flexibility to both employees and organisations and operate a fully integrated end-to-end, web-based system that covers all aspects of the recruitment process, from candidate applications to timesheet submittals, customer authorisation and final invoicing.

UniJobs is managed by experienced professionals with a unique knowledge of the public sector and the recruitment industry. By using our expertise, industry knowledge and leading-edge technology, UniJobs aims to provide an outstanding service to its clients while offering excellent employment opportunities to high-calibre candidates within a rigorously protected and regulated employment environment.


  • First staffing agency dedicated exclusively to the public sector
  • Institutional support
  • Continual innovation
  • Excellent corporate governance
  • Sound financial and operational performance
  • Client diversity
  • Cost-recoupment model
  • Robust and scalable systems
  • User goodwill
  • Expertise in the sector


In operation since August 2013, UniJobs has already made significant progRess in achieving its goals. It has offered short-to-medium-term employment opportunities to some 1,500 employees across various third-level and other public sector organisations. Employees of UniJobs have gained valuable experience across a range of employment options, which, in many cases, have led to further and more long-term career opportunities.

As well as medium-term posts, UniJobs continues to facilitate organisational needs for short-term employment requirements for activities such as conferring ceremonies, examinations, short-term projects, special occasions and seasonal events.

UniJobs has introduced efficiencies and rigour around employment processes, timesheet management and payroll and invoicing procedures. Operating on a cost-recoupment basis, the service has provided demonstrable savings to its clients organisations.

The company continues to develop its extensive employee database, which it cultivates organically through its website (www.unijobs.ie) and through the use of other online and offline candidate attraction tools.

UniJobs in managed by a full-time team, which reports through the chief executive to a board of directors under the chairmanship of Mr Michael McDonnell. Mr McDonnell worked as managing director of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Ireland for 32 years until his retirement in June 2015.